She made me write – my First blog post

I always find reasons for failing my goals, and I have plenty of reasons. This time its changed, the reason for not starting a blog; a decision I have made when I owned my first pc in 2005. It took 12 long years!!

We all do something when we are inspired, and for that we need someone or something which can inspire us with its abundant positive energy. Here I am with Love and Energy, in fact I am feeling this exceptional happy moment after a long period. I can feel my heart, the wind, the sound and ya I am becoming a writer, may be with this energy I will write a poetry. Its all because of a girl, Whom I never seen in my life nor talked. I just finished reading her blog, the words are so powerful the thoughts are thoughtful and it seems I found what I am looking for.

I dreamed about a princess, and now royal birth or not she is the princess. And she made me write.

One day we will talk about this Amera.. 


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