Success is a coincidence


Yes, you know at any time of your life you have succeeded in something, and do you think it’s because of your ability? Late night hard works? or your knowledge and expertise in that particular subject? Lets think about it. What made you a successful one? and think about your competitor who run the same race with you, what he lacked? You are getting the image right? That person was a hardworker as much as you were, and he was an expert may be a better one than you. Still he failed. Some steps he took or the timing made him a failure. It’s just coincidence!!

We know a lot of people, Successful People will give you lectures about how they make it. The media and news will promote their views, to-dos and step by step actions etc. but there are people who have done the same and failed, no one ask hem how they failed nor what actions they did. We humans celebrate only the victory!

My point is do whatever you like, do what give you peace and pleasure, and live your life. Because someday sometime the coincidence factor will work out for your success. That’s why the brave people say – “Keep Trying”.


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