Silent weep of a General

Jashan ScoutingIt happened in my childhood, I directly send a personal letter in my limited English to the recruiting officer of Indian army requesting him to enlist me in the force. Such was my strong desire to join the army and to serve the nation. Major General Jashan that was my favourite name while I think about my future. Even now, I know well that I am not a ‘obey without question’ type individual the primary qualification for an army men; still I am fascinated about becoming an army officer.

I love the army and their life, so as an Indian I love my army, and it’s personnel. I extend my full support for them and I am ready to offer my service in any case of emergency enlistment. But that doesn’t mean I am bhakth! I m following the Constitution as a lawful citizen of India. I do value human cause than my patriotic sentiments.

It was shocking when I watch omar abdulla’s video from twitter a Kashmeeri youth is tied in front of the army jeep. Is this my army, I used to proud about? Is this the proud and glorious warriors of Bharat Matha? Which army in earth use fellow citizen as a human shield?? Even the notorious Israel armed forces are using palestines not their own people.

People are opposing and supporting army action, some nationalist went further calling all Kashmeeri youth as anti national, a usual term in present India. National or anti-national, patriot or stone pelter, Indian or Paki just think this “we are humans first“.


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