The Fire inside me

I know there is a Fire inside me,

Just above my belly in-between my ribs.

I had felt it in different times,

In-between my 28 years.


I remember when it felt for the first time,

When my dad hit me for peeing in the bed.

Mom told me I was just 6 months then,

And I wonder how comes I remember it?


The Fire emerged and vanished,

When I told the lies, when I first entered the school..

when I write exams, and when I await a reply..

Whenever something important happened, it burned strongly.


Every time when I act or in danger,

I felt it with my red-hot heart.

I feel the temp when I think, when I hard worked,

when I write and when I dream.


Is that my soul? A ball of fire inside my chest?

Which vibrates when I think about her..

About future.. when I felt immense pleasure and grief.

It is always there, to support me to warn me.


My Fire is burning now, more stronger

I know one day it will come out of my chest.

The light brighter than stars,

Brightest of brightest illumination.


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