a wooden doll princess

Yeah, what you expect? From some one who is not prepared for her marriage. She just act like a wooden doll. Lol! and she is my princess in dreams.

I like her because of her character, it’s really amazing the way she thinks. In my knowledge such girls are rare in my community. Even if some one show the courage they will be silenced immediately, last day I saw a girl who fights well within her very limited war ground. I saw a princess who give up the war for her love to parents, yet she show a warriors attitude.

May be these are all my foolish thoughts, may be it’s all because of she didn’t like me.. simple! 😦 But I am confident about me, always a little bit extra confident. So I hope it’s not about me and may be my insights will be right.

Thats why I love this warrior girl from the beginning, a real princess. I am always very passionate about royalty. I love princess from my childhood, and when I matured I decided to marry one. Haha ya really ! I decided to marry a princess. Quite simple isn’t it? When I found this girl, I find the princess in my dream, additionally she is very expressive and ya she have the ability to use her eyes just like a disney princess.. or like Aladdin’s Jasmine..I know she too feels as a princess. I found a lot of same level thought frequencies in our thoughts.. in our observation about the world. And in our interest in helping others and may be changing the World.


I know, more than any one that LOVE is *** pain. I had felt it once. Am I feeling it again??

May be Yes! I am in Love, and Love is the only thing we can do without anyones permission. So I can Love my Love.


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