Looking through others eye

Today a thought suddenly poped up to mind, Is it really same as mine the others see through their eyes? their vision?

We know people have different visions. I am not talking about the power of your eye lens, I am talking about the concept for example suppose when I see a red color and describe it as red because some one taught me earlier that it is red. Same in your case, you call a color red which you see because some one told you and make you beleive that it is red, but infact it may be blue color. But you never know it is blue because you think from the very beginning that it is red. My concept is two people looking to a red colour one can call it red seeing it as red and other can call it red seeing it as blue. Both the two never know they are seeing entirely different colors!!

May be this can happen in real or not, I saw there is a possibility in it. Its is just the same in the case of ‘thoughts’ you can’t understand what a human really think or feels because they are seeing it on their own way, even both of your are seeing the exact same thing. YOU CANT LOOK THROUGH SOMEONES EYES.

And when you describe your thoughts in words it became more complicated. The above said theory of mine happens in WORDS too, exact same words will be perceived entirely different by two individuals. When such a situation happens, its the end of the story !.

—– The End —–


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