Business Rules #1

Behind every successful business there will be a set of rules, in fact how much you are abide it that much will be your success rate. So guess, what is rule number 1?

Watch your step !

This is a reminder, before you go for an action always think about it twice,thrice.. any number of times till you are confident with it. Remember each time when you think about it only think about its negative side, be a rebel for the very idea which you think that will bring you success. Then it will be a success. Good Luck.


Nonsense PM predicted by Nostradamus

Lie, lie and again lie, that’s the way fascism creeps in. People who don’t have personality, culture or even a decent behavior fall in line with them. They are not ashamed of circulating lies and intentional fake news. I do not know how they feel when they think about their actions, how can a man live such a life? May be they don’t have brain to think all this. Aha, a life without brain and thoughts.

I am disturbed with the rubbish actions of PM such as the currency ban, he did this without proper study and neglecting its after effects. Business world is in freeze state, in fact there is nothing to do. No cash flow, no credits, bills are pending; everyone reducing the running cost in return people are losing jobs.


Yes he’s leading us to the STONE AGE!!